Love and Peace! A Lidar com a Frustração...

A passear pela net, encontrei um blog de uma rapariga mais ou menos da mesma idade que eu (suponho) que, em desabafo, diz algumas coisas que já pensei e que, em parte, concordo... gostei de ler...

"Love & Peace are the answer. We all know it. The two most difficult feelings to accept in one's self.
Society is a demented black hole which sucks the world dry of it's soul.
The same things have been going on in our corrupt society since the '60's.
Sure people have changed, ideas shifted, but really...what's changed since then? We are at war.
Do you think we're gonna be out in 5 years? Me neither. Guess how many years that takes us to: 12.
How many years were we in Vietnam for? 12. Stop it. STOP IT NOW.
I don't want to continue living in a world like this. It's too much negative energy.
How can I even think to start a family? Will this country even be a safe place to call home?

We settle on blame. Blame it on the president, blame it on the kids of "generation X."
It takes more than George W. Bush to send a nation to war.
In fact a president can not even declare war until it is approved by enough people & they even have the right to veto his declaration.
They say we're a bunch of no goods, well I look at our generation and I see children of flower children, children of 80's mom's & dad's, children who grew up in a country that lost it's meaning and were intelligent enough to see it. Saw through the lies.
A generation of young people born with old souls. We know better than to ask questions. Artist with their mouths taped off.
Carrying the burden of every single lost promise of our fore-fathers. I'm surprised they're still teaching kid about communism and dictatorships, soon enough you think more people would start to find the irony in it all.

If everyone demanded peace instead of asking for a car we'd have peace.

{I'm exhusted, I'll probably edit this in the morning}"

Texto retidado de um post do blog "That's All she Wrote..."

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Gilbamar disse...

É muito bom que as mentes jovens e inteligentes do nosso planeta comecem a protestar por causa desses caminhos incertos de guerra e corrupção a que estamos sendo levados por tantos governantes. Quando as novas gerações começam o grito de protesto geralmente algo de bom acontece. Como no caso de Collor, lembra?

Fraterno abraço de Gilbamar.

Antonio saramago disse...

Já te puses-te a cavalo nalgum moinho?

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